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About us


Welcome to Biotradable!

Biotradable is an ecofriendly tradespace that allows you to borrow, lend, buy and sell items of any kind. You can easily benefit from the value of your items and make an extra income out of unused stuff lying around your house by lending or selling them through us. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to borrow or buy you can browse among a vast variety of items and find the ones you’ve always wanted!

Why choose Biotradable? Here are some great reasons:

1.     You can lend, borrow, sell and buy items all in one platform! You benefit from having all                       your items, reviews, transactions, followers, calendar management all in one place.

2.     We use a “booking” system for all items. This means that as a buyer, your item is “booked” for          you for up to 7 days, giving you time and the option to see the item before your payment is          transferred.

3.     No need to pay any deposits in advance when you borrow an item! We use a user-friendly,         multi-step borrowing logic to ensure security to lenders and a smooth checkout process         for borrowers.

4.     We ensure secure, fast and simple transactions for your everyday convenience.

5.     Registering and using our website is absolutely free. You can list an unlimited number of items         without any additional costs. We are commission-based so we make money only if you do!

6.     You benefit from the highest user and item security via:

    • A fast and secure email and phone verification system for all users.
    • An effective ID verification system for borrowers that returns results instantly!
    • Extensive payment protection for all users.
    • Item risk profiling and damage/loss support for all users.
    • A reputation system based on user reviews for better transparency.

7.     We have a cute bee as our mascot.

And most importantly, we give you a simple and profitable opportunity to invest in sustainability by reducing consumption and item wastage.

Convinced? Join us in our quest towards a greener society and invest in your belongings, reduce waste, sustainably.

Have any questions, comments, suggestions? Feel free to reach out to us via the box on the bottom right corner, or here.